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Fic: Child Of My Heart [Oct. 8th, 2014|11:34 pm]
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Title: Child Of My Heart
Author: Soulseeker
Fandom: Harry Potter
Paring: HP/SS RL/SS
Rating: NC-17 for adult content, dark themes, abuse (child and adult), mpreg, non-con, dubious consent
Summary: A drunken one night stand leads to pregnancy and marriage. One of the married people isn't thrilled about it and it leads down a dark path for the other. There is a happy ending though.
Disclaimers: Any and all characters belong to J.K. Rowlings and all that I own are bills, so it would be less then useless to sue poor ol' me.
A/N: This is my first Potter fic, so please be gentle. Feedback is welcomed. e-mail: crisskrossk@msn.com
Beta: greeneyes

Hope this comes out right

                                                                              Child Of My Heart

Severus Snape felt soft warm lips exploring his mouth, a tongue checking to see if his tonsils were still attached. The lips were firm and warm, and the tongue exploring his mouth tasted of Firewhiskey. Firm hands gripped his hips and ground a hard cock into his own, surprisingly, equally enlarged member. Severus's head felt like it was wrapped in warm cotton; his mind was floating and fuzzy. The war was finally over, Voldemort had been defeated by Potter, and he'd indulged in far too much drink at the celebration party. Actually, they’d all had too much to drink, if only going by the fact that the last image he had of Madame Hooch had been of her dancing the tango with the very small Charms professor Flitwick, whose head reached just below her rib cage.

Now those firm hands went from Severus’ hips to his ass cheeks, kneading and squeezing both globes. Whoever his partner was, he had very talented hands. Severus was sure that his partner was a *he* by the size of the hands and the still very persistent cock that was doing its damnedest to poke a hole through his pants, which he still wore.

Severus opened his eyes, and then immediately shut them. Everything swirled, all the colors running together, and he wasn't sure he could tell up from down. But why did he have to see anything, anyway? He could just *feel* right now, could just concentrate on the delicious feelings running up and down his body. Severus wasn't used to being touched like this, wasn't used to having someone touch him that didn’t want to hurt him. Touch usually brought pain, so he took great care to make sure that no one ever touched him. But *these* hands . . . these hands could touch him all they wanted if they would just keep making him feel so wonderful.

The hands removed themselves from his ass and he moaned at the loss, until he felt those same hands start to undress him, and then he moaned in pleasure. The Potions Master’s heavy robes magically disappeared and firm fingers began to unbutton his many buttons. His many, *many* buttons. Why the hell did he have so many buttons on his clothes? Severus couldn’t remember why he had so many buttons, much less why removing them might be a bad idea.

Now his shirt must be open because he felt a cool breeze dancing across his chest, making him shiver with delight and causing goose bumps break out. His nipples hardened and hot hands covered them, causing them to tighten further. The left hand pinched its captive and the other raked lightly over its mate. Severus tore his mouth away from the kiss to hiss in pleasure and his hips twitched forward in greedy need. Then his partner's lips were back and it seems that breathing was a highly overrated past time.

Those lips left him again and he groaned at the loss, until a wet tongue licked his neck. Severus gasped; no one had ever kissed him there. Or *there*, when those wonderful lips left his neck and traveled downwards, across his collarbone, down, down . . down to his oh, so sensitive nipples.

He briefly wondered where one of those talented hands went and then his mind stuttered to a halt when he felt his zipper part. Oh, so *that's* where it went! He felt that hot hand curl around his erection and if it hadn't been for the alcohol he'd consumed, he would have immediately flinched away at the touch. Hands on his penis always brought pain. Pain and humiliation. But these hands brought nothing but pleasure. Severus decided to just go with these wonderful feelings. If he'd been sober, he might have wondered if these pleasurable feelings were the result of the booze or the hands. If he'd been sober, no way would he have allowed anyone to lay their hands on him unless it was absolutely necessary. Or under a curse or hex.

A drunk potion master had no such qualms or restrictions. His pelvis jumped when those hands began to slowly stroke his cock, up and down. From root to tip those fingers caressed him, making him harder then he'd ever thought possible. The second hand finished unzipping him and pushed his pants and underwear down around his knees, sneaking a good feel of his ass cheeks on the way down. And still those lips sucked and nipped and licked his nipples.

Something harsh sounding finally made itself known to Severus and he realized that it was him. His own heavy breathing was loud and filled the room. It seemed to be the only thing he heard, until he realized that his heart was pounding, pounding like it was about to jump out of his chest. He wondered if HE could hear it. That's how Severus now thought of the man that he was with. He couldn't remember a name, or a face, or anything but those hands and those lips. So, he became known as HE in Severus' over-heated mind.

HE maneuvered Severus around and backed him up, the pants around his ankles making the journey slow, and the lips and hands making it pleasurable. The Potions Master wondered where he was being taken until he felt the edge of a bed behind his knees. Was it his own bed or HIS? It didn't matter because he felt himself falling . . . falling forever until the cloud-soft mattress stopped him. Severus whimpered when the hot heat of HIM left him. What had he done wrong? He was enjoying himself and now the pleasure stopped. Then he felt HIM take his shoes off. The rest of his clothes also disappeared before he could register the sensation, and he realized that he was naked. Naked on a bed with another man. And he *wanted* this, wanted this man in this soft bed.

Severus stretched, unconsciously appearing wanton and seductive against silk sheets. HE was back, hard and naked. Severus let his hands roam this time and HE didn't stop him. Like a blind man, he tried to figure out who HE was. Thick, longish hair that he ran his fingers through, soft silky strands teased his long fingers and he spent forever there.

Severus went lower and just as he was about to touch a face, hands gently stopped him and placed wet kisses on his palms. His hands cradled cheeks that felt young, and then they were guided down to strong shoulders, strong, firm, warm shoulders. His captured hands traveled downwards, to perky nipples and a rock-hard chest. He played with the hard peaks beneath his fingers, scraping and pinching, mimicking what was done to him. This time the hitching breaths weren't his. Their hands were moving again and now he felt a tight stomach. He allowed his hands to explore, feeling hot skin and a heaving belly lightly covered with hair, soft curly hair.

Hitting the navel on the way down he heard a muffled giggle; so, HE was ticklish, something to be filed away for later, when they had more time. Severus felt an odd urge as their hands went lower, an urge to hurry for some reason. An urge to find the end of the hands’ journey.

The hair became coarser the further they traveled and then his fingers were wrapped around a silky hardness. Severus wanted to pull away; the feeling just went from pleasure to apprehension. He opened his eyes and watched the swirling ceiling until he felt like he was going to throw up. He shut his eyes again. Was the sickness from watching the ceiling or from the edginess that was beginning to creep through the hazy pleasure?

HIS hard hands were forcing his to move up and down in a parody of what had been done to him. HE groaned in pleasure and Severus heard a hissed 'Yes!' And then Severus felt himself slightly relax. HE was enjoying what he was doing to him. HE enjoyed Severus' hands on him. He wasn't going to be punished or hurt. He was doing it right and now there was pleasure in touching. In *being* touched. HIS hands left him and Severus continued to stroke the hard heat.

Now there was slickness under his fingers and he brought one hand up and licked his fingers. There was a groan of desire that was not his own and he made a show of it, licking and sucking each finger in turn, sucking the taste from them. It tasted a bit salty, a sweet taste compared to the other cum he'd been forced to swallow over the years.

Fingers were tugged out of his mouth and replaced by the wonderful tongue again. That wonderful tongue that was intent on sucking out all the taste buds in Severus's mouth. HIS hard cock ground against his own still hard cock. Severus surged upwards, trying to rub harder. It felt good, everything felt *soooo* good! The tongue now traveled down again, licking and sucking once again. Severus was so relaxed, so languid that he didn't protest when his long legs were parted. The only thing he noticed and focused on was a hot, wet tongue lapping its way ever downwards.

When that hot mouth engulfed his hard cock, Severus gave a wordless cry and arched his back off the bed. No one, absolutely *no* one, had ever done that to him before. Severus had been forced to take other men in his mouth many times, but he had never had the act reciprocated before. Severus could now see what the attraction was about. A hot, wet mouth on a straining cock was sheer bliss.

That mouth moved up and down, slow and then fast. HIS tongue dragged down the underside of his cock on the way down and a hint of teeth gently scraped the top on the way up. Once on top, that wonderful and clever tongue swirled around the hood of his cock, dipping inside his slit to lap the massive amount of pre-cum that seemed to be pouring from him before plunging down and swallowing the root. A tight throat moved, causing a ripple effect throughout his body; a firm hand captured his balls, rolling them together and tugging on them. He felt hot and cold at the same time and every nerve screamed at him.

Severus never felt like this before. Was it some kind of spell? A potion that was slipped into that last glass of Firewhiskey? He felt edgy and restless, reaching for something just beyond his reach. His whole body shook with unknown pleasure and he fisted his hands in the long hair that curtained the face of his partner and flowed onto his stomach. Severus’s stomach that quivered and flexed with need, but what need he didn't know. His fisted hands tugged and pulled on the hair and a high-pitched whimper escaped him.

Something was building up inside of Severus. Building and building until the need became an entity of itself. It became NEED and he didn't know how to reach the end. He finally gave a voice to NEED and he howled long and loudly until he finally released, cock jerking and body shuddering, into that hungry mouth. HE swallowed it all, licking and cleaning his cock until there was nothing left to give.

Severus lay limp and sated on the bed and at first didn't notice the fingernail lightly scratch at his opening. When Severus registered it, he immediately tensed up. HE couldn't mean to do that, couldn't mean to put his big cock in that small opening. Everything was going so well that Severus *knew* that something would go wrong. It always did for him. Nothing nice or pleasant ever happened to him in his life. Every time something seemed to go right for him, something came along and ruined it, just like now.

Severus mewled in fear and tried move out from under the heavy body on top of him. He couldn't do this, he just *couldn't*! This wasn't one of his many fellow students trapping him in a dark passage during his school years. This wasn't the Dark Lord. This wasn't a Death Eater's meeting. This wasn't his father or one of the many parties where he was the entertainment provided. He was at Hogwarts and he was an adult and not some small child or gawky teenager. He was supposed to be *safe* here, now. Dumbledore always assured him that he was *always* safe within these walls. Dumbledore was *wrong*. Severus wasn't safe. Wasn't safe anywhere, it seemed.

He couldn't help the tears coursing down his cheeks. He'd never cried during, preferring to save his tears of humiliation and pain for later, away from the laughing men that used him. But he couldn't help it this time. Everything had been going so well, wonderful feelings and pleasure that he'd never known before and never knew that could exist. He should have known that it was all a trap. HE only wanted one thing and one thing only, and Severus could only let it happen. He'd learned long ago that struggling and fighting only made it that much worse, but, even if he didn't actively participate, he couldn't stop himself from tensing. Apparently, even though HE never saw the tears, the tensing caused HIM some concern.

Severus felt HIS thumb begin to gently caress the inside of one thigh even as a finger circled and tried to enter his crinkled opening. The pucker wouldn't easily give. The finger left, but the Potions Master was experienced enough to know that it wasn’t the end. Once someone touched him there, they never stopped until they were satisfied.

Severus heard a faintly muttered spell that he didn‘t recognize. HIS finger was back but slicked with something. Lubricant? HE was going to use a *lubricant*? No one had ever used one on him before, preferring to just tear into him. He relaxed marginally, but was unable to completely let himself go, to trust HIM.

HE took it as an invitation to continue. The finger burned going in, sending tendrils of fire racing up and down Severus' back. He tensed up even tighter and hissed in pain, but that didn't deter HIM. The finger moved experimentally back and forth, twisting and turning. A second finger entered, just as slick, to join it's brother. Severus' hole clinched tight around the two digits, not allowing much movement. HE tried to scissor HIS fingers, but the tightly gripped asshole wouldn't allow for any more give. Severus didn't have the words to tell him that an Unbreakable curse had been placed on him as a child. His father always wanted him to stay tight, no matter how much he'd been used. And so, no matter how many men had been in his ass, he was always virgin tight, a fact that the Dark Lord took great pleasure in.

A third finger tried to enter with no success. Severus was simply too tight. HE withdrew his fingers and when nothing happened for a full minute, the Potion Master finally began to relax. Apparently, HE had changed his mind and there wouldn't be any further assault. Maybe now they would just go back to feeling that pleasure that they had just shared.

Just as Severus breathed a sigh of relief, he felt his legs being lifted and spread apart. Before he was able to gather his wits about him, Severus felt the large blunt head of HIS cock pushing it's way into him. The tendril of fire that the fingers caused bloomed into a raging forest fire. Severus bit his lip in pain, he knew better then to cry out. Punishment always followed cries of pain, so he had learned as a young boy to never voice his distress.

HE didn't let up, pushing in slowly and steady until HE was fully sheathed in Severus' too tight passage. Severus felt his body shake in familiar fear of what was to come. HIS hands began to pet and caress Severus' ribs and stomach, as if to soothe him. It didn't help. Severus didn't understand why HE had taken it so slow. Usually, they just ripped into him, regardless of the pain and blood. Why wasn't HE moving? Why was HE just lying on top of him, stroking him as if he was a pet animal or something? It made him even more nervous. What was HE up to, now?

Severus felt HIM kiss his neck and jaw, still not moving inside of him. Severus just wished that HE would get on with it. The cock inside of him was uncomfortable and painful, but not as bad as the others. The others just pounded hard into him as soon as they breached him. HE seemed to be waiting for him to get adjusted to the feeling. Severus could have told him, if his voice hadn't been locked in fear, that that would never happen. The curse saw that he never found pleasure in the act. No matter how big or small, penetration would always be painful. How painful was up to his 'partner'.

As if HE read his mind, HE leveled himself up and begin to gently withdraw from the tight hole. Severus wasn't fooled. He knew that once in, they never stopped until they came. All Severus could hope for is that it wouldn't take HIM long to climax. He felt the large prick stop just as the broad head reached the opening and then push back in. The gentle rocking was beginning to make his skin crawl as he fought to stay still, but his best option was to just lie there and pray that it would be over soon.

HE didn't seem to mind the lack of reaction, because the slow pumping began to pick up speed, moving faster and faster. HIS hand gripped Severus' limp cock and tried to stir up some reaction. He remained unresponsive and HE didn't seem to mind that either, by the way HE started to grunt in pleasure. Severus' thighs were gripped tighter and the pumping became a full-out pounding. Severus felt his ass being lifted and he was almost folded in half as HE pounded harder and harder into him. The bed shook and the headboard banged loudly on the wall. A few whimpers escaped Severus' lips, but HE didn't hear them through his own loud moans of rapture.

Breathing became harder for the man on the bottom as he was practically pushed through the mattress and the heaving man above him shoved himself harder into the hot tight hole gripping his cock. The strokes became shorter and more frantic, driving HIM closer and closer to the edge. Finally, his knees around his ears, Severus felt HIM drive into him for the final time. HE stiffened in place as HIS large cock emptied itself into his tight hole. HE roared in pleasure before HE collapsed on top of Severus. The tension and lack of oxygen finally got to Severus and he welcomed the darkness.

Severus slowly let consciousness filter though the pounding in his head. 'What happened?' he wondered. It felt as if Trolls had taken up dancing inside his head—bad dancing at that. He was still trying to figure out where he was when he felt his pillow move. He didn't remember enchanting his pillow to move, or . . . were those *arms* around him? Shocked black eyes snapped open and then closed as the candle light burned brighter then the sun. He waited a few minutes and tried again, this time slowly opening his eyes and squinting.

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After the room quit spinning and making his stomach lurch, he saw that he was in his own chambers, the dungeon walls as familiar to him as the back of his hands. He was in his bed with someone, a male someone judging from the chest he seemed to be resting on. Everything flooded back to him. The party, drinking too much, the wonderful feelings before it turned to the nightmare of sex. Although it didn't hurt as much as it usually did, he was still sore down there. He didn't enjoy the last part, but the first part was nice and Severus wondered if he could have a repeat of it without the painful penetration.

Severus lay quietly on the slowly moving chest, large arms wrapped securely around him. He'd never shared his bed, or any bed for that matter, with someone else before. He was usually used and then shoved off the bed, or whatever surface he was on, to be shared with someone else or to finally make his painful way back to Hogwarts. He'd never been held before either and it felt kind of nice, confusing but nice. He felt sort of warm and safe. Two things he'd never felt with someone else before

Was he still drunk? Why was he having feelings for a man who just had sex with him and why did he care? But this man had caused Severus to feel things he had never felt before, to have pleasure before pain. No one had ever done that to him before.

Suddenly eager to see the man he was sharing his bed with, to finally put a proper name to his partner and hopefully receive another one of those wonderful kisses, Severus slowly raised his head. He saw a firm and lightly haired chest, just as he felt before. This man was in wonderful shape, broad chest, muscles and tight skin. Younger, he imagined, then himself. He let his glaze travel upwards, past the large and dark nipples, that Severus had an insane urge to lick, to a thick and strong neck. Most of his face was obscured by long, dark shoulder length hair. Severus raised a trembling hand and gently moved the hair from the face, careful not to disturb the sleeping man.

Severus stared in complete and utter shock at the face of . . . was that . . . *Harry Potter*?!


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Carry On Wayward Son Masterpost [Mar. 12th, 2014|09:12 pm]
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Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean must suffer the consequences after a hunt for a witch alters the Winchesters lives in a way they could never have imagined.
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby, Ellen, Jo.
Chapters: 9
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: All Supernatural characters are the property of the CW network and Eric Kripke. I do not own any rights to the show or characters. This fiction is for entertainment purposes only and I do not make any money off of it.
Notes/warnings: mpreg, long birth, sexual situations, some profanity. This is not a wincest story. Any latin used was found on various web pages, I have no idea what it actually says so I apologize in advance. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it! Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Carry On Wayward Son Masterpost
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